FOX43 Finds Out: Is trip insurance worth your money?

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RED LION, York County -- Travel insurance it's just like your medical, car or life insurance.

Every policy is different and each has it's pros and cons.

Recently, trip insurance saved a York County Woman a lot of money.

Is it something you should consider? FOX43 Finds Out.

Megan Clarkson was looking forward to her 7 day trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

"When we got down there everything was fine and everyday we're checking the weather and it looked worse and worse, so we were looking to fly back early but really all the flights were canceled even 2 days before the hurricane was supposed to hit so we couldn't get out."

The woman from Loganville, York County was on vacation while Hurricane Irma was spinning in the Atlantic ocean.

She took a photo of a sunset was taken by Clarkson the night before the storm hit.

"It was a little nerve wracking," said Clarkson.

She paid $150 for travel insurance when she booked her trip.

She ended up having to stay in Punta Cana for a couple days longer than planned because of the storm.

Her trip insurance policy covered it all and saved her about $500.

"They reimbursed us for all of that because we did all miss work and different things that we had planned that weekend."

Clarkson had the "cancel for any reason plan" which is typically the most expensive travel insurance.

However, as the name states pretty much covers anything.

That's the type of insurance that is recommended by Suzanna Schrum of Aquamarine Travel in Red Lion, York County.

She says, "Can you afford to spend $3,000-4,000 dollars or more and not take your vacation? Most people cannot afford to do that."

She had a handful of her clients switch their vacation this year because of a busy hurricane season.

Schrum says most of them had a form of travel insurance.

"They kind of him and haw and really stress about getting it, but it takes so much stress out of your thoughts while you're waiting for vacation."

Many travel insurance policies also have medical coverage and again, the more you pay, the more coverage you'll get.

Something you might consider if you're leaving the country and your primary medical insurance isn't accepted overseas.

"A better policy would cover maybe $25,000-50,000 in medical expenses, it becomes your secondary insurance policy," said Schrum.

As for Clarkson, she said she would recommend getting travel insurance for any future trips.

"Definitely get it. We were glad we got it."

Every travel insurance policy is different.

Make sure your read the fine print, whether you find a policy online or you're offered one by a travel agency.

Know what you're covered for and what you're not.

For instance, "cancel anytime" insurance and trip cancellation insurance are different.

Cancel anytime lets you do just that, cancel your trip for whatever reason at whatever time, where trip cancellation covers things for a specific reason - like for jury duty, an illness or death in the family.

Aalso take into consideration what you really need.

Did you get a great deal on a flight and are staying with family for a few days or are you traveling out of the country for a few weeks?

That might determine if you want to spend the extra  $100 to 150 per person for the insurance.

Here are some reviews on travel insurers and their policies.