Police looking for driver who hit teen on bike in Lancaster County

PEQUEA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A teenager was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a car in Lancaster County.

Two boys were riding their bikes on Millwood Road in Pequea Township Saturday night. Police said the boys' bikes did not have lights.

Southern Regional Police Officer Charles Grimasuckas said, "There was a passerby that saw the boys and stopped and gave them some type of a glow stick or something to hang on their bikes so they could be seen."

One of the boys, a 14 year old, was hit by a black car, which police say might have been a Chevy Impala or a similar vehicle.

Grimasuckas said, "The striking vehicle did return and provided a blanket for the child that was struck."

Then police said the driver took off. He is described as a man with long hair who was wearing a beanie.

The injured boy was taken to the hospital.

Grimasuckas said, "It`s going to be life-changing injuries for this child. You know that has to wear on somebody`s conscious."

People who live in the area said that road is not well lit. They have seen kids riding their bikes in the neighborhood but not out on that section of Millwood Road at night.

Maddy Hamric, who lives further down Millwood Road in West Lampeter Township, said, "I was surprised because that`s not something normal around here. I`ve lived here all my life. And nothing like that that I know of has ever happened."

Police are asking for the driver who hit the teen to come forward.

Grimasuckas said, "You have to live with this the rest of your life. You want to come out and make things right."

If you have any information or any surveillance video of the car or driver, please call Southern Regional Police at (717)872-0352