Nurses at Cedar Haven Health Care Center in Lebanon County continue strike

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SOUTH LEBANON TOWNSHIP, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. -- Nurses at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center in South Lebanon Township, Lebanon County went on strike for the second day in a row on Saturday.

Workers say they are unhappy with labor negotiations and that their benefits have been taken away.

They hope that by protesting, labor contracts can be re-opened and negotiations can be reconsidered with the facility's owner, Stone Barn Holdings.

Nurses on strike say last year they voted to accept cuts, but this year it's different.

Those on the picket line told FOX43 that they would rather be inside doing their jobs than be outside standing up for what is right.

"There are a lot of members that came out and walked out crying because they really didn't want to leave their residents, but we are at that point now where if we don't take a stand and put our foot down, what happens next year?" said Penny Kleinfelter, local president for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

More than 100 supporters have come out to protest the company since Friday.

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