Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon supports paralyzed veterans

STRABAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Hundreds of people raced for a cause in Adams County in the annual Blue-Gray Half Marathon and 5K.

The race supports the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Lowell Ladd, the race director, said, "It's grown over the years to the point where we have almost 1,000 people now that are doing the race."

Runners and cyclists participated, and started and finished at Gateway Gettysburg.

Matthew Robinson, who is on the hand cycle racing team with Paralyzed Veterans of America, said, "Most of us are paralyzed or have amputations. And when we get together it`s like a reunion when we were in the military. And we`re all just a bunch of brothers and sisters is what we are."

The racers get to choose which team they want to be on: blue for the North or gray for the South.

They can pick their team based off where they are from or where their ancestors lived during the Civil War.

Some were trying to beat their time from last year.

Liam, an eight year old, said, "It made me really happy because I tried to sprint at the end and see if I could get a new record for myself."

Others came for the thrill.

Dawn Libbick, who raced the 5K, said, "It`s really wonderful. It feels great when you cross that finish line and people are there cheering. You know you've really done something good."

Robinson said, "It feels great. Any time that you can go out and do good - or do well and don't have any mechanical problems you know that's the important thing."

But running or cycling, all came out to support the cause.