York County girls on a mission to spread kindness in a unique way

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Two 8-year-old girls are taking it upon themselves to spread the message of love and kindness, one rock at a time.

Third graders, Zoey and Carrington Henry create unique messages on rocks they find through their travels and place them in parks, restaurants and everywhere in between.

"I think I found one, yes, I found one of the angels," said Zoey Carrington.

Their mission is to inspire others and honor Amanda Strous, a Dallastown graduate who was tragically killed last year inside her North Carolina apartment.

"We thought, we are just going to carry her spirit with us and so it just continues to grow, we got more rocks, we did more art," the girls' mother Courtney Henry said.

Courtney Henry says after finding out Amanda, her co-worker's daughter had been murdered, she and her girls decided to turn a tragedy in something positive.

"I think that's what the most important thing is, for us to figure out what somebody's mission is here on earth, even when they pass away and try to carry on that mission in their honor," Henry added.

The twin sisters have left hundreds of inspirational rocks all the way from Delaware, to Maryland and Pennsylvania, but the most rewarding thing about their mission? They say it's making others smile.

"It makes me happy too because then they're happy and when everybody is happy then it makes the world a better place," Carrington Henry says.

Zoey and Carrington plan to continue their 'RoCk OuR WoRLd ArT' mission and will be recognized at their elementary school in next week. Teachers will be implementing the rocks into a reward system to help other students spread a little more kindness both inside and outside the classroom.