Lancaster mayoral candidates prepare for final homestretch

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LANCASTER, Pa. — The mayoral election date is fast approaching.

Five candidates will have their fates decided in fifteen days.

Republican candidate Cindy Stewart said the only remaining task for the next two months is going door-to-door.

“We’re going to try and visit as many neighborhoods as possible. We’ve done a lot of that work already. But a reminder to people that if they don’t vote, they can’t choose the next mayor,” said Stewart.

For democratic hopeful Danene Sorace, she said her door-to-door campaign is right where she wants it to be.

“My goal was one thousand and I’m over twelve hundred doors so far and I’ve got fifteen more days to go since I think the response has been positive,” said Sorace.

Independent challenger Tony Dastra said he’s taking a different approach.

His plan is to continue to bring attention to what he calls “the movement.”

“This is ultimately a long-term process so winning isn’t the ultimate goal, at least not right now. It’s to make people aware of what I feel the issues in the city are,” said Dastra.

Candidate Zachary Nesbitt issued the following statement:

“I’m honestly beginning to feel more relaxed. I announced almost six months ago and it’s been quite the journey and I’ve spent more time on research and talking to people about the issues specific to Lancaster than I ever imagined I would. So, it’ll be a relief when it all comes down to the voting. As far as objectives remaining, most of it is simply continuing the conversations that have been ongoing, continuing to get my stances and goals out there, and enjoy reaching out to voters at public forums and such.”

The final candidate is J.S. “Woody” Chandler, who issued the following statement:

“I am confident that I have done as much as I intent to do. I am well-known, especially from the 2013 campaign, so I am content to let the chips fall where they may. I will be conducting myself in business as usual manner over the next two weeks — holding down a day job, walking around various neighborhoods, playing pub trivia & frequenting small businesses where better beers are served.”

Joshua Parsons, Vice-Chairman of the Lancaster County Elections Commission, said the polling machines are tested and locations are settled.

They only have a few intricacies to take care of before November 7.

“Prepare the election workers and get the actual equipment out to the polls and make sure that’s all set up,” said Parsons.

Parsons direct prospective voters to check the county website for any election questions. The link can be found here.

Voters can also text “PA” TO 286-83 for link to their polling information.

There are several mayoral forums this week starting Tuesday evening at the Bright Side Opportunities Church in Lancaster from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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