Handcuffed man running from police jumps in Codorus Creek

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Karsten Jonathon Desario

NORTH YORK BOROUGH, York County, PA. — A Hanover man trying to escaped police custody was pulled by officers from the Codorus Creek, still wearing handcuffs. It happened early Sunday morning in North York Borough. A patrol officer noticed a man dancing by himself in the parking lot of the Liberty Social Club. As the officer watched, the dancing man was moving west towards North George St. The officer said when the dancing man reached the sidewalk of North George, he dropped something, but continued dancing as if nothing had happened. The officer thought whatever had been dropped was too big not to have been noticed. While the dancing man continued to dance south on North George Street, the officer inspected what he had dropped.

According to court documents, the officer found a plastic bag containing several baggies with tied off corners, a cap to a hypodermic needle and a metal canister with suspected drug residue.

Police found the dancing man on North George St between E. 6th and 5th Avenues. The dancing man denied dropping the bag and identified himself to police by a false name. Further examination of the bag revealed what police describe as residue and a cotton ball, scorched black. Police believe the canister was used to cook a powdered controlled substance to prepare it for injection in  a liquid form.

While the man was in custody, police found a passport in his pocket with the name “Karsten Desario.”While police were explaining the consequences of providing false identification to police, the suspect bolted, running through the grass in an adjacent church. The pursuing officer slipped and fell in the wet grass.

The suspect was found 15-20 minutes later, floating on his back in the Codorus Creek, still handcuffed, though now his hands were in front of his body. He was positively identified as Karsten Desario and charged with escape, theft, receiving stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia, false identification to law enforcement and criminal mischief.