York woman’s lawsuit claiming she tripped on clothes hanger blocked by state court

YORK — A state Superior Court panel will not revive a lawsuit by a woman claiming she injured herself after slipping on a clothes hanger on the floor of a Susquehanna Township store, according to court documents.

Monique Johnson of York appealed to state court after a Dauphin County judge dismissed her suit over the 2012 incident at Gabriel Brothers Inc. in the Union Square Shopping Center.

Johnson claimed that store employees were negligent for allowing a clear plastic hanger to remain on the floor near the service desk. She sought $50,000 to $75,000 in damages for what she claimed were serious injuries incurred in a fall after she tripped on the hanger.

But Judge H. Geoffrey Moulton Jr.’s recent opinion agreed with Dauphin County Judge Andrew H. Dowling’s ruling that said Johnson provided no proof that employees knew the hanger was on the floor, how long it was there, or how it got there.

Moulton’s opinion also noted that Johnson was alone when the alleged accident occurred, and that there were no witnesses.