FOX43 Finds Out: Donating? Watch out for scams

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa -- The Manheim Borough Police Department in Lancaster County could always use some donations to beef up programs that aren't funded by tax-payers.

However, they're not picking up the phone to ask for your money.

"So it`s not unusual, but it is unusual for us to call because we don`t call," said Manheim Borough Police Chief Joseph Stauffer.

The police chief says people who live in the borough have reported getting phone calls about donating to the police department.

"We don`t have the manpower nor the means to call around and have an officer sit and make those phone calls," said the chief.

The department posted on it's Facebook page to let people know it was all a scam.

The crooks were even spoofing the police department's number to make appear the call was coming from Lancaster County.

Chief Stauffer said "Sometimes these criminals will mask themselves using a local number to make you believe that they`re local, but they`re not at all."

Now police are trying to figure out where the calls are really coming from.

"At this point we can`t identify a specific area or age group because it`s happening all over the country, it`s everywhere."

So far, there are no reports of anyone in the Manheim area who fell for the scam - but the Chief says that doesn't mean no one did.

The chief says "When we investigate these types of things we`re wondering why they pick non-profits and it`s because local communities give a lot of money to non-profits."

Police suggest if you do want to make a donation, do it in person.

"Go to that organization and ask them if they`re soliciting money for a specific program and just don`t believe everything you get on your phone."

Manheim borough isn't the only police department dealing with this though.

There have been reports of this scam all over the country.

The Federal Trade Commission wants you to report these types of calls.