Rutter’s adds turkey burgers to its menu as an alternative to beef

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So you’ve got a hankering for a burger, but you’re also trying to be health-conscious.

Don’t worry. Rutter’s has got you covered.

On Wednesday, the convenience store chain became the first in the region to offer turkey burgers as part of its customizable build-your-own-burger menu. All 68 Rutter’s locations will offer turkey burgers as an alternative to its 100% Angus beef and black bean burger options.

Turkey will be available for all burger options, including the popular Route 30 Burgers and Ultimate Burgers.

“A healthier burger option has been requested by multiple customers who still crave a meat burger, but want a leaner option,” said director of food service Ryan Krebs. “At Rutter’s, we try to give our customers as many different options as possible to create their own breakfast, lunch, or dinner masterpiece. Turkey burgers are now one of those great customizable options.”