Center for Traffic Safety warns people about drunk driving on Halloween

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Officials are warning people about the consequences of drinking and driving, especially during the week before, of and after Halloween.

Barbara Zortman, the director for the Center for Traffic Safety, said, "What we look at as far as the dangers go, the real danger is is that we've got trick-or-treaters out. We've got little princesses and little superheroes trick-or-treating oftentimes in dark clothing, they're crossing streets randomly."

It may not be a holiday with the most alcohol-related crashes in Pennsylvania, but it still is one the Center for Traffic Safety in York is keeping its eye on.

Zortman said, "I think that's what makes us very frightened during this period is that there's more potential for pedestrian-involved DUI-related crashes."

The Center conducted sobriety checkpoints this past weekend to make sure people weren't driving while intoxicated in York, Lancaster and Adams Counties. They announced beforehand that they would have checkpoints, but sometimes they don't warn drivers ahead of time.

Zortman said, "You don't know. It`s a high visibility enforcement, we like to call high visibility enforcement because we're giving the public the perception that you just don't know so just don't take the risk."

But some people did over the weekend. According to preliminary reports, there were eight DUI arrests at a sobriety checkpoint in York County and six in Lancaster County.

Zortman said, "Most of the time when we see high arrest numbers, we see lower crash numbers. So we do have to applaud our law enforcement for being really diligent over these time periods when we know that that risk factor has increased."

Officials encourage you, if you're planning on drinking, to have a plan to safely get home.

If you go out trick-or-treating, have a flashlight and wear reflective tape.