Eastern York Football players react to fatal accident on Route 30

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HELLAM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- "We were just about to get on the exit ramp for Wrightsville, and we just felt a sudden stop, and everyone went forward," said Drake Brown, a junior at Eastern York High School.

21 Eastern York football players were almost home, traveling from a game, when they felt the impact of a horrible accident on Route 30 eastbound.

"I flew forward and hit my head off the seat, and basically, everyone did. Everyone flew forward," Demonte Martin, a junior.

The accident claiming the life of 23-year-old Jasmine McCarter of York. Police say she was traveling west on 30 when she reportedly went across the grassy median into east bound lanes. They say she hit the coach bus carrying the football team, 3 coaches, a trainer, and the bus driver near the Wrightsville exit.

"The glass kinda impact went all over our coaches, and our trainer was pretty shook," added Brown.

"We couldn't get out of the bus the normal way you would get out of the bus because it was so compacted... so messed up. We had to crawl out of the windows on the side," said Martin.

Players say the front end of the bus was destroyed, and glass went everywhere. Two coaches and the driver were taken to the hospital. Many of the boys feeling fortunate to be okay and wishing the best for their coaches, the driver, and the victim's family.

"You never know how fast someone life's can be taken away. Even though the lady hit us, a lot of the kids feel bad for what happened to her, and even the bus driver did the best he can do to save us," explained Martin.

"You have to realize that life can be gone in a second and value all the time you have with friends, family," said Dylan Zurin, a junior. He wasn't on the bus but was concerned as soon as he heard about the accident.

"It was my first time being on a coach bus to a sporting event, and every other game, we'd be on a school bus, and I think a school bus would've taken a lot more damage so we got lucky," said Eliot Whiteside, a sophomore.

No word on the cause of the accident at this time.  Police say McCarter was not wearing a seat belt.