Lancaster man charged in domestic incident involving dog attack now in police custody

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LANCASTER — The suspect in a Lancaster domestic incident that involved a dog attack and a fight over possession of a sawed-off shotgun last week is in police custody after spending several days in the hospital for treatment of the injuries he sustained during the incident, according to Lancaster police.

Phillip Michael Whitted, 30, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault, and one count each of recklessly endangering another person, persons not to possess firearms and firearms not to be carried without a license, police say.

Whitted was released from the hospital Sunday and transported to the Lancaster Bureau of Police for processing. He was transported to Lancaster County Prison to await arraignment, police say.

According to police, Whitted was injured at 1:05 p.m. on Oct. 24, when he allegedly confronted his brother at a home on the 600 block of S. Lime Street.

According to witnesses, Whitted allegedly pointed a sawed-off shotgun at his brother during the confrontation. A struggled ensued between Whitted and his brother for possession of the gun, police say. The victim’s wife joined the struggle, allegedly using a small machete to strike Whitted in an attempt to separate him from the gun.

The victim’s dog then allegedly got loose and attacked the trio, biting Whitted and both victims. The gun allegedly fired once during the fight, but no one was hit. The dog continued to bite all three people as bystanders were unable to pull it away.

When police arrived on the scene, Whitted and the two victims were piled on the ground, still being bitten by the dog. Whitted’s brother told police to shoot the dog, because it would not stop biting. Police waited until the dog was clear of the people, then shot it to prevent it from attacking anyone else.

The dog was killed.

Whitted and both victims sustained injuries due to dog bites. No one was shot.


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