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Cumberland County launches initiative to address card skimming

MECHANICSBURG, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Cumberland County is launching a new initiative this week to address card skimmers found on local gas pumps.

Card skimmers are most commonly found in ATM's and gas pumps and steal your credit card information. The new initiative will allow county officials to randomly inspect different fuel stations around the county to make sure there are no skimming devices found in them. It will also include an education component to make sure gas station attendants know what to look for to check for skimmers.

Earlier this month, police in Cumberland County say they did see a few cases of card skimming at ATM's and gas pumps in the area.

The county says there are several things customers can look for before they purchase gas. First, they suggest looking closely at the pump to see if any seals on the front panel of the pump have been broken. They also recommend making sure the card reader doesn't look compromised and lastly,  choose a gas pump in eyesight of the attendant.