York man facing charges after stabbing co-worker after accusation of stolen Visa card

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A York man is facing charges after allegedly stabbing a co-worker after accusing him of stealing his Visa card.

Jose Lozano-Herrera, 31, is facing third-degree murder charges and aggravated assault for the incident.

On October 28 around 2:20 a.m., police were called to United Natural Foods in the 200 block of Cross Farm Lane for a report of an employee stabbing another employee.

Upon arrival, police found that the employees had been separated and the victim had suffered a stab wound to the face.

Police went to the office where Lozano-Herrera was being held, and spoke to him. When asked what happened, Lozano-Herrera shrugged his shoulders and said “He’s a thief” before admitting that he did it.

Lozano-Herrera was read his Miranda Rights multiple times during his arrest and even asked police repeatedly, “do you think I’ll lose my job for this?”

The victim, who suffered a large gash on the left side of the head, told police that Lozano-Herrera accused him of stealing his Visa card, which he denied taking.

Upon that denial, Lozano-Herrera took out a large knife and attempted to stab the victim in the neck. The victim then turned his head to try and get away from Lozano-Herrera, which caused him to be cut by the knife on the side of the head.

At that point, the victim began to run through the warehouse, and Lozano-Herrera allegedly chased him with a knife and was screaming that he was going to kill him.

It wasn’t until the victim ran towards supervisor offices while yelling for help that other employees intervened.

The victim’s story was backed up by other employees’ accounts as well as video footage from three different cameras. Police were able to recover a serrated kitchen knife that was about nine inches long and had some blood on it.

Now, Lozano-Herrera is facing charges.