Composite sketches give “best image” of potential 1992 murder suspect

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EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, P.A. --- Christy Mirack was killed in her home in December 1992 with no perpetrator found.

Nearly 25 years later, Lancaster County law enforcement announced an update.

There still are no arrests for the murder of Mirack.

Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said they've been operating under the theory that this wasn't done by a random person but someone Mirack knew.

Stedman said they've vetted 30 persons of interest since Mirack's murder.

Last month, he said they eliminated the last person on their list.

"We have turned over all the stones...all the investigators here worked on this case and all these different agencies, and the conventional means...we don't have anything left that anyone can think of doing," said Stedman.

The one thing holding hope for law enforcement is DNA found on the crime scene.

"When we find this person...this murderer...we'll know it because we have DNA," said Stedman.

Stedman said the district attorney's office turned to Parabon NanoLabs, a private Virginia-based DNA analysis firm.

"It has solved murder cases and horrible cases across the country and we're hoping it does here."

The firm provided composite sketches of they're proposed suspect at the age of 25, 45 and 55.

"They are not likely to be exact replicas of appearance. Environmental factors such as smoking, drinking, diet and other non-environmental factors such as facial hair, hairstyle, scars cannot be predicted by DNA analysis," said Stedman.

The DNA analysis concludes the following characteristics: light skin tone, brown or hazel eyes, brown or black hair, with few or no freckles.

They're hoping to get one tip based on what Stedman calls the "best image" they have of Mirack's murderer.

"He could be your neighbor, your friend, your coworker and might absolutely slip under the radar. If he was a continued, repeated violent criminal, we would've had the DNA by now, it would've come back by now. That makes it even more scary," said Stedman.

Stedman asks anyone in the public with a potential tip to call Lancaster City-County CrimeStoppers at 1-800-322-1913 or to text LANCS and the tip to 847411

The Lancaster District Attorney's office will also operate a website,, which has information on the case and a tips forum.

For more information on Parabon NanoLabs, visit

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