Poll: When is an acceptable time to start decorating for December holidays?

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File Photo (Photo by Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images)

Halloween is now in the rear view mirror, as many are turning their eyes towards Thanksgiving.

However, many stores are already turning their eyes to the December holidays.

For example, Walmart has announced a plan to attract holiday shoppers, by holding “parties” for shoppers.

At the parties, Walmart will put on 165,000 in-store toy demos, guide customers through their shopping lists and, yes, host visits from Santa Claus.

The parties will take place on November 4, December 2 and December 16 at Walmart Supercenters all over the country.

Walmart’s new parties concept is part of a larger holiday shopping campaign called “Rock This Christmas. The retailer will increase the number of items on sale, offer exclusive gifts and offer online discounts. Walmart is also bringing back festively dressed employees, a.k.a. “Holiday Helpers,” to assist shoppers navigate stores.

While many are jumping right past November, others are trying to focus on plans for Thanksgiving first.

Our question is, when is an acceptable time to start decorating for December holidays?