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At least 3 of the group depicted abusing an opossum in Bloomsburg will be charged

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BLOOMSBURG — A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed Thursday that charges will be filed against at least three of the young men photographed abusing an opossum in Bloomsburg.

As of now, Bloomsburg student, Morgan Ehrenzeller has been cited in connection to the incident, according to WNEP.

The photos went viral on social media, launching a firestorm of controversy, angry calls from citizens and a separate investigation by Bloomsburg University.

The three men will be charged today with disturbance of game or wildlife and unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife before Magisterial District Judge Russel Lawton, according to Game Commission Officer William Williams.

The first charge carries a fine of up to $1,500 and up to three months in prison. The latter charge carries a $200 fine, Williams said.

The opossum was still alive when it was found in a trash can on the property and captured by the group, according to Williams. It was also still alive when the men poured beer down its throat and over its head.

Williams said investigators believe the opossum survived the incident. He is unsure whether the opossum escaped or was set free.

The three people charged so far include a student at Bloomsburg University who rents the property where the incident occurred. The other two live outside the area.

The university is launching its own investigation to determine whether the student violated the school’s student code.