Columbia man to serve up to 62 years in prison for shooting at police officer

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A Columbia man will serve up to 62 years in prison for shooting at a police officer in 2016.

Marquell Rentas, 18, will serve 30½ to 62 years in prison for his role in the incident.

In September, a local jury concluded Rentas “tried to kill” an officer, who was one of many who responded to a shots-fired call on Bethel Street.

That jury convicted Rentas of attempted murder of a law-enforcement officer, conspiracy and other related charges.

However, it may have been Rentas actions post-shooting that sealed his fate further.

Assistant District Attorney Travis Anderson called Rentas “entirely remorseless” for his actions.

Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said after Wednesday’s hearing, “Rentas is an unrepentant would-be cop killer with no place in an orderly society. We appreciate the President Judge ordering a sentence that matches the gravity of the situation.”

Rentas allegedly did not apologize to any of the officers and told Judge Dennis Reinaker, “Mr. Anderson wasn’t there. You [referring to the judge] weren’t there. You don’t know what really happened. I wasn’t shooting at anybody, I wasn’t trying to kill anybody… I’m young. It’s not even where I wanted to be.”

Now, Rentas will serve time.