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Court denies final appeal for former member of Kathleen Kane’s security team

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From left to right: Kathleen Kane, Patrick Reese

HARRISBURG — A former member of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s security team’s bid to overturn his 2016 conviction for spying on office emails was denied Tuesday by the state Supreme Court, court documents show.

As a result, Patrick Reese will serve 3-6 months in a Montgomery County prison.

Reese was convicted of violating a court order and secretly searching through emails for information about a grand jury investigation against Kane. The investigation eventually led to Kane’s conviction.

Reese appealed to the state Superior Court, which upheld his sentence in February. His final bid was denied Tuesday when the Superior Court declined to hear his appeal.

Reese’s sentence also includes 100 hours of community service and a $1,000 fine.