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Fishermen, neighbors shocked two Central Pennsylvania fishing spots closed off to public

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EAST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY -- Two popular fishing spots in Central Pennsylvania are no longer accessible to the public.
That includes Brunner Island property in York County and also Rock Hill access to the Conestoga River in Lancaster County.
The Conestoga River in Lancaster County is known as a great spot for recreational activities.
"We used to bring our kids down here because it's not that deep, and it's safe," said Robin Maguire, a Conestoga Township resident.
"We see people all summer long, spring, summer, fall. They tube. They kayak and canoe. People fish," explained Nancy Jeffries, also a Conestoga Township resident.
Rock Hill access to the river is closed while crews with the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline extract water. Pink markers show where they plan to work.
Neighbors say they are saddened to temporarily lose access to a popular fishing site.
"We were told that once sign goes up out there, no one’s allowed on this property, and people are extremely upset. You can tell by the stakes being knocked down already," added Maguire.
Meanwhile, in York County, some fishermen are shocked to hear the Brunner Island property has also been closed off from the public as of November 1st.
"Kayakers are here all the time, okay, the duck hunters come down here all the time, and it's not like they're putting a lot of money into it," said Dave Neuman, a fisherman and river guide.
A spokesman for Talen Energy tells Fox 43 there are "Safety and liability concerns including stolen and damaged property, vandalism, and inappropriate (sometimes illegal) activities."
Some anglers think those are poor excuses to shut down their fishing spot.
"You can come down and pick up a prostitute here. You can come down and have illicit sex here. You can come down and do a drug deal here. I can find you a dozen state parks and boat ramps where you can do the same thing," added Neuman.
It's not just the boat launch that’s shut down. All property is barred from the public -- including the wet lands, the launch, and the fishing area. Many fishermen say they hope the company changes its stance and continues to allow casting off at the York County launch.