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FOX43 Capitol Beat: Acting Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman

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YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- Open enrollment for health care coverage began Wednesday, November 1. This year, there are major changes President Trump has authorized under the Affordable Care Act.​ With the uncertainty of the ACA on the forefront of many Pennsylvanians minds, Acting Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman was a guest on FOX43's Capitol Beat to discuss what you need to know when you choose your health care options.

One of the biggest changes centers on the length of time people have to sign up for health care. The window to enroll will now end December 15, compared to January 31 last year. Also, the website to sign up,, will only be open for enrollment in more limited hours.

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, more than 412,000 Pennsylvanians use the Affordable Care Act for their health insurance. Seventy-eight percent of those enrollees benefit from cost-saving subsidies in 2017 which help lower-income citizens. However, the Trump Administration chose to cut those payments, arguing those subsidies, put in place by President Obama, were illegal.

For more information, you can visit the Pennsylvania Insurance Department's checkbook tool website here, the government's health care website here, and the Pennsylvania Insurance Department's website here.