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Piece of tainted Halloween candy discovered in Lancaster Co.

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COLUMBIA, Pa. -- Parents are being asked to keep an eye on their children's Halloween candy, after a woman found a tainted piece in Columbia.

The Creasy family was trick-or-treating on Halloween near the 600 block of Walnut Street in the borough.

Shelly Creasy, who lives in Columbia, said, "We got home and I have four kids so we had a ton of candy. And my sister took some home with her."

Creasy said her sister noticed something was off when she was about to unwrap a miniature Butterfinger from one of her kids bags of candy.

The wrapper had a small pinhole in it and a purplish substance on the chocolate when she opened it.

Creasy's sister showed her a picture of the candy, and Shelly said it looked like blood but doesn't think it was done intentionally.

Creasy said, "She did report that down to the police station just in case if it is something that it shouldn't have been."

Creasy said she was concerned by the candy and will inspect every piece her kids are planning to eat.

Columbia Borough Police Officer Andrew Snyder said, "This isn't a normal occurrence. Given that it was Halloween, we urge every parent to check their kids candy for any abnormalities just so the kids are safe eating their candy on Halloween."

Columbia police officers said they are sending the candy to state police.