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Sunday’s Eagles-Broncos game won’t be televised in much of Lancaster County

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LANCASTER — There are going to be a lot of annoyed Philadelphia Eagles fans in Lancaster County this weekend.

The Birds host the Denver Broncos Sunday at 1 p.m., in a game that will be televised on CBS.

But most Comcast subscribers in Lancaster County will be out of luck if they’re hoping to watch the game at home. WHP Channel 21, Harrisburg’s CBS affiliate — and the only CBS channel available on the Comcast Lancaster lineup — will not carry the game.

WHP is required by the NFL to carry the Baltimore Ravens-Tennessee Titans game instead.

The game will be televised on KYW Channel 3, Philadelphia’s CBS affiliate. Lancaster County’s other cable providers — Blue Ridge, Comcast Marietta, Comcast Lebanon and Comcast Coatesville — all carry KYW.

Since most Eagles games are carried by FOX, this is rarely a problem for Lancaster-area fans. But when an AFC team visits an NFC team, the game is televised on CBS due to NFL regulations.

That’s the case with this week’s Broncos-Eagles matchup, but there’s another pesky regulation in place. Since the area is designated as part of the Baltimore Ravens’ television market, Ravens games get top priority for WHP, which is required by the NFL to carry their away games.

So get ready for some Ravens football, Comcast Lancaster subscribers!

This is also an occasional problem for Lancaster County residents who claim allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers, because their team is bumped whenever a Steelers game conflicts with the Ravens.


This week, it will be Eagles fans who will be left squawking.