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Successes in teaching the value of discipline and community in JROTC

DALLASTOWN, PA - Now in the 13th year of existence, the Dallastown Area High School JROTC continues to emphasize the importance of community and discipline in their curriculum, with a place for everyone sharing those values to join.

Cadets can participate in the award-winning drill team and more within the high school's JROTC. In fact, they've become one of the most successful programs in the country.

Some of their accolades include:

-5-time winner of the 'Best School' in the Marine Corps Reserve Association

-11-time honoree as 'Naval Honor School,' as one of the top 20% programs academically

-Winner of the 2017 National Academic Championships of JROTC, with an official citation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

These successes and values the cadets will carry with them, regardless of their future in the armed services or towards life as citizens.