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Vice President Mike Pence makes a stop in York County to talk tax reform

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MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Vice President Mike Pence made a stop in Central Pennsylvania in York County at the Military and Commercial Fasteners Corporation.

Pence toured the business and then spoke with businesses from around Pennsylvania, an invite-only event.

Pence said "he was here to listen to job creators and to learn" hoping to take notes back to the Trump Administration.

Small businesses from all across Pennsylvania were represented, including York and Cumberland counties.

"It's great to be back in York, Pennsylvania - a county, a community that laid the foundation to make America great again," said Vice President Pence.

Vice President Pence announcing major tax overhaul plans.

"When it makes its way to the president's desk before the end of this year, it may very well be the largest tax cut in American history," added Pence.

Pence vowing the tax overhaul would include drastically lowering the corporate tax rate.

"President Trump is absolutely committed to cut the rate on American businesses to 20 percent," he said.

Pence asking Pennsylvania businesses to answer these three questions: How important are tax cuts to your business? What's the most important part of the reform plan?  What would you do with the additional funds from tax cuts?

"I think when you put the money in the hands of the business owners, I'm pretty sure we know better what to do than the government," said Mike Harbaugh, Co-Owner, Yogey's Miniature Golf and Ice Cream Parlour.

"It's nothing new. It's equipment, investing in your people, giving them raises. Happy people make happy companies," said Charlie Burnside, Owner of Maple Donuts.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has said tax overhaul would increase the national debt. Republican Congressman Scott Perry vowing that lowering the corporate tax rate will reduce the country's deficit.

"You'll hear us talk about it's a growth tax agenda.. so the more people we get working, the more people who are paying in, actually reduces the deficit," said Congressman Perry.

A handful of protesters outside disagreeing with Trump's tax reform saying big business paying higher taxes actually pays for a better quality of life.

"It's our money that's helping them to make money, and it's only fair that they put back into the system so that we can all have a halfway decent standard of living," said Janet Ford of New Freedom.

Pence departing York County with a, "We will make America great again" and a final pitch for tax overhaul.

"The best way to grow jobs in this country is to give the American people more of their hard earned dollars in their own pockets"

Vice President Pence said he hopes to have the tax overhaul planned passed by the end of this year.


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