York County farmers say ‘No Thanks’ to Daylight Saving Time

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YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Dairy farmers at Perrydell Farm in York County, always welcome an extra hour of sleep.

But when Daylight Saving Time comes around, co-owner, Greg Perry says pushing the clock an hour back, doesn't necessarily help him, or the 130 cows on his farm.

"They may not eat as much, they may not milk as much for a day or two. Cows are creatures of habit, they just love routine," said Greg Perry, Co-owner at Perrydell Farm.

Daylight Saving Time was made for farmers; it's a common myth that continues to crop up. But the truth is that farmers don't exactly "benefit" from the switch.

"You know, you want them to have milk in there when you go to milk them, you don't want your work to be for not much, you want to see something," Perry added.

Another hassle is when automated equipment used to help keep the farm on schedule gets thrown off too.

"Like the mashup system for the milking parlor, that's off by an hour right now, so I have to go in there and change the clocks so it sanitizes at the right time," said Tom Perry, Co-owner at Perrydell Farm.

But more than anything, the Perry brothers say that can agree it's simply not necessary anymore.

"It's all just a stupid human trick, I don't see the necessity in it whatsoever,"  Tom Perry added.

"It's a pain in the butt, you know if it was just one time all the time, we'd be better off," said Greg Perry.

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