Airville duo charged with driving ATVs while drunk, breaking into church, resisting arrest

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AIRVILLE, York County — Two Airville men are facing several charges each after allegedly driving recreational vehicles while intoxicated, breaking into a church, and attempting to flee from police, according to charging documents from the State Police.

Kyle John Laird and Barry Samuel Mattson, both of Corbett Lane, are facing criminal trespass, theft, DUI, resisting arrest and related charges in the incident, which happened shortly after midnight on Nov. 2.

According to police, a resident on Corbett Lane called to complain about ATVs riding on the roadway on Corbett Lane. Investigating officers discovered a white and red Yamaha dirt bike and a white and red Yamaha four-wheeler parked outside the Guinston United Presbyterian Church, close to where the complaint call originated from. The engines on each vehicle were still warm, police say.

Police approached the front entrance to the church, and an officer heard banging and crashing sounds coming from inside, according to the criminal complaint. Police discovered a basement cellar door on the building’s south side had been forced open. Officers hailed the suspects inside the building and ordered them to exit, but the suspects did not comply, police say.

After a second attempt to hail the suspects, police observed one suspect, later identified as Mattson, attempting to flee from the church via the south side door. He was ordered to stop, but did not comply, police say.

Both suspects then attempted to flee from the building via another door. One suspect, later identified as Laird, was tackled by police shortly after exiting. Mattson surrendered to police just outside the door, police say.

According to the criminal complaint, police detected the odor of alcohol on both suspects, who were determined to be under 21 years of age. Neither suspect had a valid driver’s license, police say.

Mattson later told police that he and Laird had been drinking “Four Lokos” at Mattson’s home before taking their ATVs out for a ride on the road between his home and the church. Neither were wearing helmets, according to police.

Officers then checked the inside of the church and discovered damage to several filing cabinets and drawers, a sound board, stereo and speakers from the church’s sound system, a coffee maker and several other items. The estimated total damage was $5,000, police say.

Both suspects are charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking, institutional vandalism, DUI, resisting arrest, underage drinking, driving an ATV without registration, driving without insurance, driving without a license, operating an ATV on streets or highways, operating an ATV on private property, and operating in an unsafe manner.

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