Pennsylvania Democrats “livid” about controversial GOP flyer

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A flyer has Pennsylvania Democrats outraged.

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen said, "Parties do low blows. But in terms of judicial races, I've never seen anything like this."

The flyer says, "Vote For Judges Who Share Our Values And Stand For The Flag," and on the bottom says, "Vote Republican On Tuesday, November 7th."

Groen said, "We are and we were livid. It is beyond the pale of decency. It is wrong."

But the Pennsylvania GOP stands by the advertisement.

In a statement, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio says:

“It’s now crystal clear that this isn’t your father’s Democrat Party. If there is an outrage here, it is the sad reality that Supreme Court candidate Woodruff and the Democrat machine will not stand against those who dishonor our flag and national anthem.

“No one questions the right of NFL players to exercise their free speech.  We do, however, question their judgment, along with that of Supreme Court candidate Dwayne Woodruff. Our Republican judicial candidates stand to honor Americans of all races and ethnicities who put their lives on the lines everyday to protect our country.  I emphatically question the judgement of those in the Democrat Party and their slate of liberal activist judges if they believe that it is anything but shameful not to stand for our flag.

“Too many courageous patriots have died in defense of our flag, and we question anyone who will not stick up for the flag and our national anthem. We already know that Dwayne Woodruff lacks the courage to buck the far left wing of his party when it comes to the misguided and disrespectful act of highly paid athletes. We call on all Pennsylvanians to reject liberal judge candidates who will not defend our flag.”

Allegheny County Judge Dwayne Woodruff is running for a state supreme court spot. He was a former NFL player for the Steelers.

Groen said Woodruff and other judges have family members who served in the military.

"For the Republican Party and for the supreme court justice who's running this ad, it's beyond disgraceful. It demeans the office they're seeking," Groen said.

Some people in York County agree the flyer has gone too far.

Scott Gibbs, from Leaders Heights, said, "I don't think it's necessary to whip up extra enthusiasm because it's disrespecting the people that vote."

But others said the ad raises a good point.

Sylvia Smeltzer, of Windsor Township, said, "People need to stand for the flag. That's disrespectful for not standing. We need to stand up and honor it. We have people out there dying for us."

Groen said he plans to file a complaint after the election tomorrow.