Danene Sorace to serve as mayor of Lancaster

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LANCASTER -- Democratic candidate Danene Sorace will serve as the next mayor of Lancaster.

Cindy Stewart, a Republican, conceded defeat around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday night.

Sorace, who earned 73% of the vote, surpassed four other candidates, including Stewart, vying for the post vacated by outgoing mayor Rick Gray.

Stewart, who finished second, earning 23% of the vote, issued the following statement:

Sorace said her primary goal will be to assist neighborhoods in the Lancaster City area.

"We've been talking about this throughout the campaign. It's my number one priority. I'm looking forward to putting in place a neighborhood team and delivering. Making sure that people who live in our neighborhoods feel as connected as folks that are working downtown," said Sorace.

Mayor Richard Gray, who spoke at Sorace's victory celebration, said Sorace will "continue to do all they've done" during his administration.

He also said "Lancaster City elected the right mayor."