Voters in Lebanon chose between candidates with very different resumes

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LEBANON, Pa. -- UPDATE: Capello was elected mayor.

Previously: Voters in Lebanon city choosing between candidates with very different resumes: one with years of experience and one with none at all.

The Republican Candidate, Sherry Capello, has years of experience. She's the incumbent mayor, and she's seeking a third term as Lebanon City Mayor. The other? An eager 22-year-old, Josh Brady, who says he's ready to tackle the heroin epidemic.

"I think a lack of change in the city drove me to run for a mayor. I don't see any changes happening," said Brady.

"Better with Brady" is his campaign slogan.

"We got good things going, and I want to continue that movement in a positive direction, and that's why I'm running for a third term," said Sherry Capello.

Capello says, "Experience matters".

"I started my career on the bottom step of the ladder and worked my way up. Not only do you need work experience, job experience, but life experiences in order to successfully run a city," added Capello.

Brady graduated high school just a few years ago. He's since worked in security and for the Pennsylvania State Police. He may lack political experience, but he's not lacking an agenda.

"Fighting the heroin epidemic is definitely the number one thing, the second thing would be going through here and improving road quality, and the third thing, I  would have to say is improving business is a really big part of what I'm trying to do," said Brady.

Capello says economic development would be her priority if reelected.

"Definitely economic and workforce development. We want family sustaining jobs in the city," explained Capello, citing budgetary accomplishments over the past 8 years. "Now, we are well over a million dollars in carry over and have 1.5 million in capital reserve."

If Capello's reelected, it would be the first time someone ever served three terms as Lebanon City mayor.

"It's not a game. There's serious challenges we have to meet, and I think he needs to gain some life and work experience," added Capello.

If Brady becomes mayor, he'd be one of the youngest elected officials.

"A lot of people don't feel comfortable anymore with the family and dynasty politics so they want to see change. They want to see somebody else," added Brady.

You have until 8 p.m. to vote. If you want to get in on celebrations, democrats will be at the Downtown Lounge in Lebanon and Republicans at the Lincoln Republican Club.

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