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WellSpan York Hospital becomes first in Pennsylvania to offer new robotic cardiac procedure

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WellSpan physicians helped develop the new technology that assists interventional cardiologists performing lifechanging procedures

YORK, PA. — WellSpan York Hospital announced today that it is the first in Pennsylvania to offer a new, state-of-the-art robotic cardiac procedure.

The hospital publicly unveiled its new percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) robot today. It is the only hospital in the state to offer this new procedure.

The technology assists the physicians during PCI procedures, also known as stenting or coronary angioplasty, which improve blood flow to the heart for patients who suffer from a variety of cardiac and vascular diseases or conditions – including chronic total occlusions, or completely blocked arteries. It serves as a less invasive alterative to open heart surgery.

“Cardiovascular services are one of our signature services, providing excellent care to the region,” said Keith Noll, senior vice president, WellSpan Health and president, WellSpan York Hospital. “This new technology brings cutting-edge interventional heart care to southcentral Pennsylvania, and we are fortunate to have physicians of such a high caliber who can deliver that care.”

During the procedure WellSpan physicians control the robot’s every move from a computer console feet away from their patients. The state-of-the-art robot is the newest model available, putting WellSpan York Hospital on the cutting edge. And it builds on WellSpan physicians’ proven precision, with technology that assists in control and guidance and precisely placing and expanding a stent – down to the millimeter.

WellSpan interventional cardiologists helped develop the new technology, providing feedback on plans and prototypes to the manufacturer, Corindus Vascular Robotics, to make the system more user-friendly.

“We want to deliver the safest procedure to every patient, returning them home as swiftly as possible with the best outcome we can provide,” said William Nicholson, M.D., interventional cardiologist, WellSpan Cardiology. “We have been at the forefront of the robotic experience for several years and patients’ needs are always the first consideration in determining the best approach.”

Nicholson says this robot also allows a larger stent selection, which further tailors the procedure to the patient, improving outcomes. Another benefit, the robot increases the likelihood that a radial artery in the arm, instead of a femoral artery in the leg, can be used, increasing safety.

There are also benefits to the doctor, including decreased radiation exposure and added comfort during the procedure. Interventionalists no longer have to perform the PCI procedure while standing and wearing heavy lead aprons to protect against radiation.

Interventional cardiologists at WellSpan York Hospital perform an estimated 1,350 PCI procedures a year.

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SOURCE: Wellspan News Release