Error on end date for street sweeping forces Steelton to void parking tickets issued between Nov. 6-10

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Illegal parking

STEELTON — Due to a miscommunication that led to the posting of an incorrect end date for its street sweeper route on some websites, the Borough of Steelton announced that all street cleaning violation parking tickets issued in the borough between Nov. 6 and Nov. 10 will be voided, the borough announced Wednesday.

The borough’s street sweeping program was intended to run until Nov. 10, according to a press release issued by the Borough of Steelton. But an incorrect end date of Nov. 2 was posted on certain borough-related websites.

As a result, Steelton Police Chief Anthony Minium and Mayor Romano Marcinko discussed the issue and decided to nullify any street cleaning violation tickets issued between Nov. 6 and Nov. 10. Anyone who received a ticket for violating the borough’s street sweeping policy between those dates does not have to take any action; the Steelton Police Department will withdraw the ticket.

Those who have already paid their tickets issued during that time will receive reimbursement through the mail, the borough says.

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