Update: Homeless men receive pay after demanding compensation for election flyer and raffle handouts in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- UPDATE: Bill Christian, Director - Men's Mission, tells FOX43 that the men at the shelter have received payment for their work.

ORIGINAL: Investigating a case of potential election bribery: men were allegedly recruited from homeless shelters in Harrisburg to distribute flyers and raffle tickets to voters. In exchange? A promised payday for the men and a chance to win prizes for voters.

The case is now being handled by the Dauphin County district attorney's office.

"They used us! We haven't been paid. They put us me and a bunch of other guys in a dangerous situation potentially legally," said Larry Jones.

Jones is a resident at the Bethesda Mission. He says he's getting his life back together. 7 men at the Bethesda Mission, including Jones, were asked to distribute these flyers, encouraging people to vote for write-in candidate Gloria Martin-Roberts, and raffle tickets at polling places throughout Harrisburg. In exchange, the men would receive ten dollars every hour they worked on election day.

"To be victimized like that in our current situation... you know, every man here is trying to get their lives together," added Jones.

They identify this man named 'Kyle' who they say came to the shelter, asking for men who wanted to make some money, promising $100 if the volunteers worked the entire day.

"I'm positive... ten thousand percent - that's the guy who came here yesterday and promised to pay us ten dollars an hour," stated Jones.

A 'Kyle Myers' shared this video to the Harrisburg Mayoral Election 2017 Facebook page. On that page, some of the items which were to be raffled off: an Iphone X and cash prizes.

'We weren't even notified that we were going to be giving out raffle tickets until we got downtown to the office," said William Franklin, a resident at Bethesda.

Mayor Papenfuse filed a complaint after encountering the men giving out the raffle tickets. Sheriffs deputies collecting all the tickets and the district attorney's office launching an investigation into potential election bribery.

"For them to be taken advantage of in this way, if they don't get paid, is really very frustrating because they're already - life has been tough on them... and this is another kick in the face," said Bill Christian, director of Bethesda Mission.

"I would like to know that me standing out in the freezing rain, and the snowy rain... wasn't for anything," added Franklin.

"Before I go to sleep, I would like to be paid today," said Jones.

Fran Chardo with the district attorney's office says it's too early for officials to release details or who may be liable but someone can be held liable for causing innocent people, like the shelter men to unknowingly commit a crime. The men say they want their money and may pursue civil suits if they don't receive their pay.

Fox 43 reached out to Kyle Myers as well as the Mayoral Facebook page. Neither responded.

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