Lancaster County investigators “excited” by new cold case tips

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LANCASTER, P.A. -- One week ago, the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office released composite sketches of a potential cold case killer.

Since the DNA-generated images were released last week, District Attorney Craig Stedman said they've received sixty tips that are "putting new legs" on the nearly twenty-five year old case of East Lampeter Township resident Christy Mirack's murder.

"We've been meticulously going through each one, running some down. We still have a lot of work to do," said Stedman.

It was a more upbeat tone as opposed to a week ago when prosecutors said they were all out of "conventional" options.

A month ago, Stedman said they cleared the last suspect on their list.

Now, the images created by Parabon Nanolabs, a DNA analysis firm in Virginia, after using DNA from the original December 1992 crime scene is bringing forward promising tips.

"Some individuals, some names that we had not heard of or considered, beforehand," said Stedman.

While Stedman admits many tips might lead to nothing, he said all they need is one to work.

"Some of them might lead to other things we have to do, we'll see. We'll just follow the facts, we'll follow the tips," said Stedman.

He also said he believes law enforcement around the country will invest more in the services Parabon Nanolabs provides to solve crimes in the future, including Lancaster County.

"Certain things we can eliminate based on the profiles, the certain individuals. That, in it of itself, is a great thing to have," said Stedman.

With time and technology advancements, Stedman said it can help solve crimes, such as Christy Mirack's murder, that would, otherwise, stay cold.

"After last week, we sat down with her father and he truly appreciated the fact that we're still trying after all these years and it meant a lot to him," said Stedman.

Tips can be submitted anonymously through Lancaster City-County CrimeStopper.

The Lancaster County District Attorney's Office is also operating, which includes information on the case and a tips forum.

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