Luminaries honor veterans on Winters Memorial Path in Lancaster County

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EPHRATA, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Paying tribute to veterans past, present, and future at the Winters Memorial Trail in Ephrata.

"A lot of these people and the names on these bags...gave their all, gave their ultimate so we could be in this wonderful country," said Ephrata Mayor Ralph Mowen. "They honor veterans and others who have served the country."

"If you enjoy the freedoms we have it's because of the veterans who've served and especially those who've served during wartime," said Bill Hartman a Vietnam War veteran.

Hundreds of luminaries lit Winters Memorial Trail, honoring some of the bravest men and women.

"We all have a common bond, it doesn't matter - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, we were all there for each other," said John Fazio, a veteran.

Those who've been killed in the line of duty remembered and revered.

"I was always honored and glad to come back alive. It's just an honor to be at a place like this," added Hartman.

Firefighters erecting a giant flag over the trail commemorating Veteran's Day.

"It's a day to remember all those sacrifices people made overseas... and at home," said Bruce McCullough, a Vietnam War veteran.

Veterans telling me just how much tributes like these mean and how even just a thank you for your service can change their day.

All of the luminaries were paid for by donations which will go into the hands of veterans and into maintenance of Winters Memorial and Trail.

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