Re-scanning to receive FOX43

We had to switch our broadcast signal to the WITF Harrisburg tower from our previous one due to an FCC decision to switch some broadcast signals to cellular towers. There are two things that you can try in an attempt to resolve this matter:

1) Try and reposition your antenna and point it toward Harrisburg.

2) Unplug your antenna, rescan your TV, plug the antenna back in, rescan again.

If you previously received WITF, you have a few options to get us:

1. Buy a higher strength Antenna or 2. Try and reposition their antenna and point it in the direction of Harrisburg. Some folks have their Antenna pointed towards the Hellam Tower.

Another option is to unplug the antenna and rescan your box with the antenna unplugged. Then plug the antenna back in and rescan.

We are working to boost our broadcast signal, but if none of the above steps worked, you will not receive us for now.

This issue is working to be resolved but there is no timetable.

Also, if you are no longer receiving “This TV”, we don’t carry that channel anymore.

Thank you for your patience.

You may be been seeing announcements on our air mentioning some changes with the station and our broadcast.

Some people have been concerned that FOX43 and FOX43 News is going away. That is not true.

It is a little complicated. To put it simply, we are changing transmitters and our over the air broadcast channel.

If you get FOX43 or our subchannel Antenna TV via cable or satellite – there will be no change.

If you get us over the air, you will need to re-scan to find FOX43 and Antenna TV after 10am on January 3, 2018.  Rescanning is the exact same thing you did when installing your antenna.

Also, we will no longer be carrying our subchannel “This TV” over the air or on cable.

More information about the transition can be obtained from the FCC at or by calling 1-888-CALL-FCC.