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Police charge Harrisburg man after deadly shooting in Carlisle

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Carlisle, Pa. — Less than 48 hours after a deadly shooting in Carlisle on Sunday, police have arrested a suspect.

Christopher Williams, 25, of Harrisburg, is facing multiple charges including criminal homicide and robbery.

Police said Williams went to 35-year-old Rhyhiem Hodge’s home in Carlisle to rob him Sunday.

Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said, “An attempt at robbery, an attempt to get money that led to the altercation.”

Williams reportedly came into the home, took a woman in the house hostage, demanded money, and shot and killed Hodge, and then drove off.

Authorities said blood and a blood-covered knife were found in the kitchen.

Freed said later that night, “A male had checked himself into the emergency room at Harrisburg Hospital with what turned out to be a stab wound.”

Police were able to use a rapid DNA system to identify Williams.

Freed said, “We were able to match a sample from the clothing of the suspect to physical evidence both at the scene and outside the scene on the route the suspect took after he fled.”

Hodge’s mother, Mary Jane Hodge, said this has been heartbreaking for the family.

Hodge said, “We’re not doing good at all. We’re broken. He took away - he took my son. My first child he took.”

She is looking for justice for her son.

Hodge said, “I don’t want him to get the death penalty. I want him to get life. He took my son’s life and that’s what I want him to get: life.”

Freed said Cumberland County is the only one in the state that has the rapid DNA system, and this was the first case they used it.