Repairs of Rebirth Fountain complete

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse announces the completion of repairs to the Rebirth Fountain in Reservoir Park.

The restoration project took several years to complete. It was a partnership between the city of Harrisburg and several private sector civic groups. The fountain was installed in 1994 and had not been retouched in years. On Tuesday, the mayor says future renovations at the park are possible.

"If you look at out at the reservoir down below, perhaps you could envision those with solar panels on top," said Mayor Papenfuse, "perhaps you can see a skate park orĀ  pavilions or a renovated green belt or a dog park. All of these things are under consideration and would make an amazing re-do of this very historic park."

Rebirth Fountain is expected to resume normal operation in the spring.