Central York’s Michael Snell selected as 2018 PA Superintendent of the Year

Dr. Michael Snell has been selected as the 2018 Pennsylvania Superintendent of the Year.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Dr. Michael Snell, Superintendent of the Central York Area School District, has been selected as the 2018 Pennsylvania Superintendent of the Year.

The goal of the prestigious awards program is to further inspire exemplary educational leadership and promote a sense of confidence and pride in the nation’s public schools.  Superintendent of the Year nominees are evaluated on how each candidate demonstrates leadership for learning, communication skills, professionalism and community involvement.

Since 2007, Dr. Snell has led the district to develop a focus on the needs of individual students with an emphasis on mass customized learning (MCL) utilizing both effective teachers and technology tools to bring that vision to reality. Through a variety of communications strategies, Dr. Snell has garnered strong staff and community support for the MCL focus, including presentations, developing MCL committees that involve both internal and external members of the Central York community, sharing the district’s MCL efforts statewide and nationally, producing videos to illustrate what MCL “looks like” in the district, celebrating MCL outcomes through learner work showcases and presentations, an annual “Community Book Reads” to engage ALL stakeholders in conversations about public education and how everyone can best support today’s K-12 learners.

Dr. Snell also places a strong emphasis on continual improvement among staff and in schools. With his leadership, the district has created a “continual conversation” about what good instruction looks like, how to best implement the curricula, and what effective assessment looks like in a classroom.

Through effective use of resources and sound management practice, Dr. Snell has allowed the district to not only be the most efficient and effective school district in the county, but also have provided for key student learning initiatives. In addition, productive partnerships with community and business leaders have enhanced the district’s goal of customizing student learning across the curriculum.

Dr. Snell likewise has demonstrated commitment to leadership by active professional involvement with AASA, PASA, the PASA Professional Development Committee, the Urban Superintendents Association of America, the National Council for Education Research and Technology, and the University of Pennsylvania Study Council. His book Clockwork: Time-Tested Routines and Strategies for Success, along with numerous publications and presentations, have provided opportunities for him to share his experiences and expertise with his peers, who recognize him as an excellent listener, mentor and role model for improving organization and leadership.

Dr. Snell’s work has garnered him numerous awards, including the Award of Achievement from the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials and the Education/Workforce Development Advocate of the Year award from the York County Economic Alliance. He serves as a board member on the York County Economic Alliance, as an advisory board member with the Byrnes Health Education Center, and as a member of the York College of Education Graduate Program Advisory Committee.

In nominating Dr. Snell for this award, Peter Aiken, superintendent of the Manheim Central School District, noted his commitment to educational leadership in Central York and beyond. “Dr. Snell embodies what it means to be a forward thinker,” he said. “He understands leadership and how to effectively and efficiently run a school district, and is not afraid to make changes for the betterment of his students. Perhaps what I find most impressive from Dr. Snell is his desire to mentor and lead the next generation of new superintendents. Simply put, Dr. Snell is what is right with public education and exemplifies what it means to be a dynamic superintendent.”

Dr. Snell was recognized at a special PASA luncheon on Thursday, November 16 in Harrisburg. As the Pennsylvania honoree, he and 49 other state honorees will be recognized in February during the AASA National Conference on Education in Nashville.

“I am humbled by this recognition, and would like to thank our faculty, staff, administrators and School Board members, as well as our students, families and community, for supporting Central York School District in its mission to provide a customized education for ALL learners,” Dr. Snell said. “I am privileged to continue serving our district and community as a public educator, and I thank PASA for supporting public education.”

The National Superintendent of the Year Program was instituted 31 years ago by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, to honor outstanding public school superintendents. VALIC, AASA and are ARAMARK Education are co-sponsors of the award program.

The Pennsylvania Superintendent of the Year is selected by a PASA (Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators) panel of school administrators.

Source: Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators