“Friend” arrested following Harrisburg double homicide

HARRISBURG, P.A. -- Police say Jeremiah Battle, 22, was arrested in his home, without a struggle, around 6:15 Thursday morning.

Battle is facing two counts of first degree murder, burglary and tampering with evidence charges.

"We have sufficient evidence to place Mr. Battle at the crime and he's the one who committed these horrible, tragic murders," said Dauphin County District Attorney, Edward Marsico.

Last Thursday afternoon, November 9, authorities say step-sisters Natasha Harner, 24, and Kaliah Dearing, 16, were shot and killed in their home on the 2200 block of Logan Street.

Authorities say Battle, who Marsico said is considered a "friend" of the victims, broke into the home and shot them while a third sister was present.

Police are still investigating where the surviving sister was at the time.

Marsico said they also believe Battle disposed of the murder weapon.

"We have not found the gun. Police are still working on that," said Marsico.

He also credited the public for the help when dialing in on Battle.

"We got good information from individuals about different things they saw through the course of the day that surrounded this," said Marsico.

Harrisburg officials say agencies put "close to 1,000 hours of manpower" into the investigation.

"They're doing this here job out of love for what they're doing and love for the people that they are serving. Because of love, love solved this case because loves bears a terrible burden," said Harrisburg Police Chief Thomas Carter.

Details were limited on the facts surrounding Battle's arrest, other than he's off the streets.

"Every homicide is tragic, whenever there's a loss of life. This was particularly horrific...Two girls gunned down in their home," said Marsico.

Harrisburg Police officials say they are still investigating the motive behind the shooting.