American Red Cross Heroes Awards: Animal Rescue from the York City Fire Department

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Sometimes, it takes a team to accomplish extraordinary acts of heroism.

The York City Fire Department was called to the scene of a well-developed structure fire involving two homes last spring. As crews entered the home, they could hear a dog yelping, although extreme heat and heavy smoke made visibility impossible. Despite the conditions, Captain Sleeger and Firefighter Brown were able to locate a dog in a crate, tucked away behind furniture, and removed the dog to safety.

Firefighters Zaler and Swanson also made their way across the floor and noticed movement -- a second dog, which was barely breathing. They carried the dog outside, where Firefighter Sleeger and York City Police Sgt. Nestor began resuscitation efforts. The dog was then transported to a veterinary office for further care.

Because of the compassion and dedication of the team, two furry family members were saved.

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