Restaurant workers aid freezing kitten behind their business

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SPRINGETTSBURY TWP., Pa. - Workers at a York County restaurant are being commended for the good deed of saving a kitten that was freezing on the coldest morning of the season so far.

The employees of Wiener World on Industrial Highway in East York noticed the two-month-old female domestic shorthair in a box behind the restaurant.

"It was very small," said Melinda Cutler, an employee who helped the kitten and has applied to adopt her. "There were times we thought the kitty wasn't even alive. We kept checking, it was like limp, and then she would do this little meow, and then she went limp again."

Cutler put the kitten in her car and wrapped it in a jacket to keep it warm, but eventually Lisa Tredway took the kitten to East York Veterinary Center, just down the road.

"I knew they wouldn't turn it away," Tredway said. "The cat was in dire need and [needed] more attention that we could give it.

Veterinarians say it was touch and go for awhile, but the kitten was a fighter.

"Her heart rate was incredibly low when she came in, her temperature was incredibly low when she came in, so it took a lot of good nursing care," said Dr. Jocelyn Hollway, a veterinarian at the center.

"Her temp was actually so low, it wasn't reading on the thermometer, so it took a while to get her up there that we could actually get a reading," said Jenna Kaiser, a nurse at the center.

Given her ability to withstand cold temperatures, the veterinary center named the kitten Anna, after the character from the movie "Frozen".

"She has a personality already, and it's already showing, so she loves to play, cuddle, she really likes blankets," Kaiser said.

The workers at Wiener World say they were happy to help.

"We all kind of have a little bond with it, and we do hope [Melinda] will be successful in adopting it, so we can keep up with the news and how it's doing," Tredway said.

Anyone interested in adopting Anna or any of the other animals at the veterinary center can call them at (717) 840-1025.

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