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American Red Cross Heroes: Medical Professionals Scott Kurtz and William Summe

Scott Kurtz and William Summe, White Rose Ambulance EMTs, were dispatched to a medical emergency in York on a January evening after receiving a medical alarm call. As the first to arrive at the scene, they noticed smoke, and immediately radioed York County 911 and requested the fire department.

After attempting to reach the second floor, Kurtz and Summe were met with heavy smoke and updated the fire department with the critical information that there were people trapped on the floor. Then then made their way to the third floor, where they assisted an occupant and a baby to safety via a fire escape.

In the face of the emergency, Kurtz and Summe put their own safety at risk for the well-being of others. Thanks to their quick thinking and actions, the occupants of the third floor were uninjured and the fire department was able to rescue a trapped occupant of the second floor, who made a full recovery.