Convicted killer Tabatha Buck may get chance at parole Monday

LANCASTER, PA. -- A woman convicted and serving a life sentence for her part in a gruesome murder that garnered national attention may have a shot at parole if a Lancaster County Judge deems her worthy. Tabatha Buck, now 43, has a resentencing hearing under federal guidelines that say life sentences without parole could constitute cruel and unusual punishments.

Buck was 17 years old on December 20, 1991, when she and Lisa Michelle Lambert and Lawrence Yunkin killed Laurie Show, 16, before school in her East Lampeter Township home. The killers tricked Show's mother into leaving the home with a fake phone call, telling her she needed to have a meeting at the school regarding an incident involving Show.

Show was still alive when her mother found her, and told her, “Michelle did it,” referring to Lisa Michelle Lambert. Laurie Show suffered a brutal death, her throat was slashed and her lung punctured, as well as over 20 defensive wounds. There were clumps of hair on the floor and a rope around her neck.

Lambert had perceived Show as a rival for Yunkin’s affections. Buck pinned down Show's legs while Lambert cut her throat. Show had rope around her neck and phone cord wrapped around her legs.

Afterwards, Buck went back to school. Lambert, 19 at the time, and Yunkin all went on with their regular days as if nothing happened. Buck's gym teacher noticed her face was covered in scratches. When asked what happened, Buck said that she had gotten into a fight at McDonald’s before school.

At the trial, the teens turned on each other. Lambert said Buck and Yunkin did the killing. Buck said Lambert cut Show's throat. Yunkin said he'd waited in the car.

lisa michelle lambert

Lisa Michelle Lambert

Yunkin pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and after serving 12 years in prison was paroled in 2004. Buck and Lambert each received life sentences. Lambert, who has vehemently fought her conviction, is not eligible for resentencing because she was 19 when the murder occurred.

Buck's hearing is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Monday, November 20th, before President Judge Dennis E. Reinaker, according to online court documents.