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25 remaining animals relocated from Jim Mack’s Ice Cream

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — In February 2015, a female black bear named Ricki was relocated from Jim Mack’s Ice Cream in Hellam Township to a bear sanctuary in Colorado after a lawsuit was filed against the business.

Now — more than two years later — the remaining 25 animals that resided on the property of the York County ice cream shop and miniature golf business are gone, as well.

The animals, which included llamas, goats and emus, were removed from the grounds on Saturday, according to the York Daily Record.

A photo of a llama taken from the Jim Mack’s Cones and Clubs website.

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) executive director Stephen Wells issued this statement:

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund is pleased it was able to reach a resolution that ends the commercial exploitation of the twenty five animals who remained at Jim Mack’s Ice Cream shop and ensure they will be provided a more naturalistic environment and veterinary care they need and deserve. We thank all the organizations that helped us in the rescue efforts and our donors who make our work possible.”

ALDF spokeswoman Natalia Lima told the York Daily Record that the animals were relocated within Pennsylvania.