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Deadline looming to file proof of claim following Alfred Angelo Bridal’s bankruptcy

The deadline is quickly approaching to file a claim if you believe you are owed money following the closure of Alfred Angelo Bridal.

The bridal shop chain, which filed for bankruptcy in mid July, announced that individuals must provide a proof of loss by November 27.

In a statement sent to WPVI, a Philadelphia-based station, Alfred Angelo said the claim must be filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court.

The directions can be seen below (via WPVI):

Click here for a claim form that you can complete and submit in hard copy to the bankruptcy court for filing. Click here for instructions on how to use the claim form. If your Proof of Claim is not filed by November 27, it will not be allowed. Filing will not guarantee that the claim will be paid. It is always a good practice to send an extra copy of the completed and executed claim with a stamped return envelope for the Court to mail you a date-stamped filed copy as proof of filing the claim.