York County releases results of over-voting on municipal elections

YORK, Pa. - York County officials announced Monday, what effect double-voting had on the winners of nine contested races.

It comes one week after the county Board of Elections began a review of over-voting on Election Day.

The review was necessary since a voting machine programming error made it possible for voters to vote twice for some candidates.

The effect double-voting had on the municipal elections will most likely satisfy election night winners, but dash the hopes of any losing candidates waiting for a different outcome.

Monday, York County director of elections and registration Nikki Suchanic called for the board of elections to complete the preliminary certification of the November 7, 2017 municipal election results.

The York County Board of Elections had its work cut out for it after a voting machine programming error allowed voters to cast two votes for any candidate listed on the ballot as both a democrat and a republican.

"We reviewed all of those votes, and cane up with our figures. What we also did, we had an independent auditing firm, kind of verify what we did," Suchanic said.

The results of reviewing the count show nearly 3,000 double votes were cast in nine different contested races. The results of the review also show that over-voting would not have made a difference in the outcome of any of those races.

"I don't want to discredit what happened. I don't want to use the words it didn't have an impact, because it did have an impact. Did it overturn any results? No, but still," Suchanic said.

West York borough council-elect Brian Wilson said "I am totally satisfied. I still think they need to work on getting new voting machines in so we don't have this problem ever again. Not saying that's the fix-all, fix-all, but I'm totally satisfied that they went through the process and plus, had an independent auditor come in and take a look at the numbers also,"

Those are numbers to which the York County Board of Elections now preliminary certifies the 2017 election, including Wilson's council run as a write-in candidate.

"Today justifies all that work that they did, the grass roots organizations that said 'hey, we're going to go out and do what we can to get you elected Brian. We want you back.' So, it feels it feels really good. I'm really happy with the results," Wilson said.

"Obviously, you always want to have a flawless and perfect Election, so even though we found a solution, quote unquote found a solution, it still weighs heavy in you that it happened," Suchanic said.

The Board of Elections states that the team which reviewed the numbers, only reviewed the number of ballots cast for each candidate. They say they have no idea how individual voters voted.

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