Morning shower, good travel day heading to Thanksgiving

Morning flights may have a shower or two, but nothing that should cause any weather delays for holiday travel.

Weather conditions at our major connecting airports look good for holiday travel.

MORNING SHOWERS: A few morning showers will be possible as a weak rain maker skirts us to the northwest. If you have early morning flights, don’t worry. This won’t delay you because of Harrisburg weather conditions. Temperatures are in the mid-30s under otherwise partly cloudy skies. Highs reach the upper-40s during another breezy day, with northwest winds constant at 10-15MPH with gusts up to 25MPH likely.

Thanksgiving starts chilly under partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid-to-upper-40s.

THANKSGIVING: We’re cool but mostly sunny for Thanksgiving. Morning lows are chilly in the mid-20s as Wednesday’s cold front drops temperatures a bit. Highs reach the low-to-mid-40s across Central PA. Winds calm down and stay out of the northwest at 2-7MPH.

Another cold front Saturday brings showers in the afternoon and cooler temperatures and flurries for Sunday.

HEADING TO THE WEEKEND: Temperatures warm heading into the weekend thanks to a west-southwesterly wind shift. Highs hit the 50-degree mark both Friday and Saturday. We could see a few showers Saturday afternoon, but the cold front on the way for the weekend is mostly a temperature-dropper throughout Sunday. Our warmest temperatures for the end of the weekend are in the morning with flurries likely off-and-on throughout the day. Highs are around 40, but we stay in the 30s most of the day with breezy conditions out of the northwest. Wind chills will be in the upper-20s and low-30s before another breezy Monday.

Have a great one!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long