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Police looking for suspects in outdoors store burglary Sunday night

MOUNT JOY TOWNSHIP, P.A. --- Northwest Lancaster County Regional Police are searching for three suspects who, they believe, stole 72 handguns from Kinsey's Outdoors Sunday night.

Detective Ken Henry said the surveillance footage from inside the store shows the suspects moved fast, carried bags with them, and were well-covered up.

At around 9:25 Saturday night, police were alerted by an alarm at Kinsey's Outdoors.

It took authorities about four minutes to respond, but the suspects had fled in that period of time.

Det. Henry also said he believes the suspects had knowledge of the store.

"I don't believe that whoever did this decided to, "hey let's pull over here and break into this place." I think there was some legwork that went into it and they knew what they were doing. It's apparent to me that they knew what they wanted," said Henry.

There is no evidence, at this time, that any ammunition was stolen.

The biggest concern for officials is the guns could be sold to individuals who are not, legally, allowed to own a firearm.

A spokeswoman with the Philadelphia Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau said to look out for a sudden, large sale of handguns looking to be sold in a quick fashion.

ATF and the National Shooting Sports Foundation is offering a combined up to $10,000 reward ($5,000 each) for any  information on the burglary.

Contact ATF at 888-ATF-GUNS (888-283-4867) with information or Det. Henry with Northwest Regional Police Department at 717-689-5657 Ext 109.